GIGA RABBIT Terms of Service

The GIGA RABBIT Terms of Service (the "Terms") establishes matters to be observed when using the delivery service of "GIGA RABBIT" provided by InCROM Plus Co., Ltd. (the "Company").

Article1 : Definition of words

  • " GIGA RABBIT " is a collective name for the same day delivery service provided by InCROM Plus Co., Ltd.
  • " User " is a collective term for people who understand to use GIGA RABBIT's terms correctly.
  • " Same day delivery " is to deliver the package to apredetermined place by 23:59 on the delivery day on same day.
  • " Leaflet " is a guide and application form produced by GIGA RABBIT and distributed at hotels etc.
  • The user deposits the luggage is the "sender" is a place where GIGA RABBIT will pick up the luggage.
  • " Destination " is a place that the user specifies and where GIGA RABBIT delivers the luggage.
  • " Luggage " is large size (the total of three sides must be 160 cm or less) and a small package to be additionally delivered is specified as a " small package "separately.
  • " Application " is to fill out the necessary information on GIGA RABBIT's homepage and pay with credit card.

Article2 : Conditions of users

The user must be met all the conditions of the following.

  • Those legally staying in Japan.
  • Person who owns credit card in person's name.
  • Person who possesses e-mail that can be confirmed in Japan.
  • Those who read this agreement and agree to all the terms.

Article3 : The formation of a contract

  • 3-1: contract with individual users below items must be match all, if not match the GIGA RABBIT determines, this agreement will not approved.
    • The user correctly entered the delivery date / time / name ·shipping source · shipping address · number of items of goods · package size · e-mail correctly on GIGA RABBIT's homepage.
    • The user pays for the credit card in the person's name.
    • The user has obtained payment completion and ID number by e-mail.
    • The individual 9-digit ID number obtained by the user is correctly described in the specified leaflet.
    • The user carries the baggage to the shipping source (mostly the front desk of the hotel etc.) at the designated time of the delivery date.
    • The number and size information of baggage entered by the user on the website and the baggage deposited at the shipping source are correctly matched.
  • 3-2: contracts, such as during a natural disaster or accident
    • .If GIGA RABBIT judged to be difficult to deliver due to natural disasters (earthquake , tsunami, storm surge, heavy rain / storm, landslide, landslides, large scale fire, etc.) and large-scale accident that occurred after the individual contract was concluded , It is possible to cancel the contract without the user's permission.

Article4 : Reservation change / cancellation

  • 4-1: After completing the application on GIGA RABBIT's homepage, the user can change the cancellation / reservation by fulfilling with the following conditions.
    • Cancellations can be carried out by fill out the cancellation home located on the homepage of the GIGA RABBIT, the day before the delivery date until AM11:00.
    • Reservation change can be done by once canceling procedure and applying again.
  • 4-2: Cancellation charge
    Cancellation charge set as follows.
    • If you cancel the day before AM11:00 of delivery specified date: full refund.
    • If you cancel the day before the AM11:00 later delivery specified date: 100% cancellation fee occurs.
  • 4-3: Cancellation after package collection.
    • cancellation after collecting the luggage from the delivery source GIGA RABBIT do not correspond at all.

Article5 : With regard to baggage7

Packages that GIGA RABBIT can deliver must satisfy the following conditions 5-1, 5-2 and 5-3.

  • 5-1: Total of three sides of baggage (height, width, width) shall not exceed 160 cm.
  • 5-2: Packages shall not exceed 30 kg.
  • 5-3: The following items are not included in the package.
    • Cash · credit card
    • passport
    • A high-priced item of 100,000 yen or more for one package
    • Fragile item
    • Items not allowed to be held under Japanese law
    • Animals, insects
    • Frozen / refrigerated goods
    • precision equipment
    • Other items that are not suitable for shipping on ordinary temperature trucks
  • 5-4: The user needs to check the check box on the homepage to confirm that the goods not included in 5-3 are not included in the package.
  • 5-5: If the goods as defined in the 5-3 it was contains or is in the luggage is discovered, there is a case to be without permission implementation of the user the necessary procedures, such as notification to the luggage of waste and police.
  • 5-6: damage caused to that contained luggage as defined in 5-3there is a case to charge to the user.
  • 5-7: Packages 100 cm or less on three sides shall be small packages. Additional small packages may be delivered at a special price.
  • 5-8: The small baggage price stated in 5-8 : 5-7 is the price when one or more ordinary packages are delivered, and when only small packages are delivered, the first price is a regular price.

Article6 : Regarding delivery

GIGA RABBIT is at the request of the user, but to deliver the luggage from the delivery source to the destination, the user it is necessary to correctly understand the contents of the following.

  • 6-1: delivery source of the pickup location (if hotel is Hotel Front: * hotel there is a need to follow the instructions of) to deliver the luggage to the specified time to be the responsibility of the user
  • 6-2: If the package can not be delivered to the location shown in 6-1 by the time from user, GIGA RABBIT does not have to fulfill the responsibility to pick up and deliver it. If can not pick up it will be automatically cancellation and 100% cancellation charge will occur.
  • 6-3: GIGA RABBIT is responsible for safely delivering baggage within the specified time, but with respect to transportation means, routes, etc., it is left to GIGA RABBIT
  • 6-4: When the user receives the package from the delivery destination , there are cases where the ID such as a passport is sometimes requested. When refusing to present ID, baggage delivery may be refused.
  • 6-5: When the delivery destination is a hotel, the user needs to be the same person as the guest on the same day of the hotel . GIGA RABBIT will not be held responsible if the hotel refuses to deposit due to the difference between the accommodation name and the registered name of the package (this service can not be used except for guests)
  • 6-6: GIGA RABBIT will not be held responsible if the package does not arrive at the designated location / time due to the intention or negligence of the user, such as a hotel name mistake.
  • 6-7: 6-5 , 6-6 Shipments of unknown addressees will be kept for 30 days at the prescribed places prepared by GIGA RABBIT . If there is no connection from the user in the meantime, luggage is discarded without the user's consent, GIGA RABBIT will not be held responsible.
  • 6-8: GIGA RABBIT requests actual expenses of sending to the user when redelivering the package at 6-5 , 6-6 or sending it by using services of other companies inside or outside Japan

Article7 : User obligations

In order to receive the service of GIGA RABBIT, the user must fulfill the following obligations . GIGA RABBIT's responsibility does not occur if the user can not fulfill the obligation below by willful or negligent

  • 7-1: Users are obliged to state the correct information (delivery source, delivery address, name, e-mail, etc.) on the homepage
  • 7-2: The user is obligated to save the individual ID number received by e-mail and correctly describe the ID number in the leaflet
  • 7-3: Users are obligated to describe numbers and letters written on leaflets in characters that can be easily identified easily
  • 7-4: User have to pack the luggage properly, easily the contents of the luggage is obliged to in a state that does not go out luggage
  • 7-5: Users are obligated to remove items that are easily removed, such as key folders and name tags attached to the outside of the package
  • 7-6: User is obliged to make sure that does not include the goods as defined in 5-3 in luggage
  • 7-7: The user is obliged to deliver the leaflet and the package correctly stated in the specified reception at the delivery source within the time

Article8 : On compensation

  • 8-1: GIGA RABBIT shall not be liable for indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages, lost profits, and derivative damages that may arise in connection with the Service and for these claims from third parties to the Company or its users , except in the case based on the Company of intent or gross negligence, negative any responsibility
  • 8-2: If any damage to the luggage has occurred, GIGA RABBIT insome cases to compensate for damages of 100,000 yen or less for one luggage at the maximum. In order to compensate , it is necessary to satisfy all the following conditions
    • It is obvious that GIGA RABBIT is the damage caused when delivering the package
    • That the user to reveal the amount of damage and the extentof the luggage of damage, there is the claim
    • It is clear that using other insurance not covering damage
  • 8-3: Even if any damage has occurred to the package, if applicable to the following shall be excluded from compensation
    • Scratches such as suitcases and bags in regular delivery of luggage
    • Damage due to aged deterioration, such as handling parts ofluggage and tires
    • 5-3 goods damage that should not be put in a luggage definedin
    • Internal malfunction of precision machines (PC, camera, smartphone, WIFI equipment, etc.)
    • Breakage of confectionery etc.
    • The along with the delay in the luggage of delivery, and related to other damages (such as the change of the damage and the itinerary of the business)
    • Claim which has passed 7 days from the delivery date
  • 8-4: Claim method against damage is accepted by sending by filling out the necessary matter on the complaint form on the homepage.
  • 8-5: After settlement amount is settled, we deposit to credit card used for settlement or bank specified by user within up to 60 days.
  • 8-6: If the litigation between the user and the GIGA RABBIT need arises, the first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Osaka District Court.

Article9 : Response at luggage delay

Due to serious negligence of GIGA RABBIT, when the delivery time of the package exceeds the appointed time, the following correspondence is made

  • 9-1: When the delivery to the delivery destination exceeds 20 o'clock
    • Refund the full amount of the shipping fee to the credit card used for settlement
  • 9-2: When delivery to the delivery destination can not be done during the delivery date
    • Refund the full amount of the shipping fee to the credit card used for settlement
    • Pay 10,000 yen as purchase expenses of personal belongings per contract
  • 9-3: Even if it falls under 9-1 , 9-2, refund / payment is not carried out if the following applies
    • Defined in 3-1, leaflets or home page of the sender, clerical error in the destination of the hotel name, if there is such an omission
    • When natural disasters etc. defined in 3-2 occur
    • When undeliverable packages defined in 5-1 , 5-2 and 5-3 are included
    • Unexpected abnormal traffic disturbance
    • Discontinue transportation, opening, confiscation, seizure or delivery to a third party by activating laws or ordinances
    • Claim which has passed 7 days from the delivery date
  • 9-4: Refund or repayment of delivery fee will be accepted by filling out the necessary items on the complaint form on the homepage and submitting it.
  • 9-5: Reimbursement · After payment is confirmed, payment is made to the credit card used for settlement or the bank account specified by the user within a maximum of 60 days.
  • 9-6: Costs associated with repayment shall be borne by the client.

Article10 : Regarding fee

egarding the delivery charge provided by GIGA RABBIT as stipulated below.

  • 10-1: The latest shipping fee is stated on the website.
  • 10-2: Shipping fee may be revised without prior notice, but price change after contract establishment is not done.

Article11 : Handling of personal information

GIGA RABBIT will acquire the minimum amount of personal information for delivery service, but set for the operation below.

  • 11-1: Personal information to be acquired
    The personal information acquired by GIGA RABBIT is only the name and e-mail address, and other information is not acquired in principle.
  • 11-2: How to use personal information
    GIGA RABBIT will use personal information that he knew as limited to the extent necessary for achieving the following objectives.
    • Request information exchange according to request of materials etc.
    • Important information related to changes in various service contents.
    • Information on various services and campaigns.
    • Information on questionnaire etc.
  • 11-3: Information on credit card
    • GIGA RABBIT makes substitution for SOFTBANK CORP. Which carries out settlement of credit card without knowing the credit card information used for settlement.

Article12 : Other

  • Package tracking GPS on the home page is a guideline, GIGA RABBIT for the error is and immunities.