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NLSC Terms of Service

The NLSC Terms of Service (the "Terms") establishes matters to be observed when using the storage service provided by InCROM Plus Co., Ltd. (the "Company").

Article1 : Definition of words

  • " NLSC " is a collective name for the storage service provided by InCROM Plus Co., Ltd.
  • " User " is a collective term for people who understand to use NLSC's terms correctly.

Article2 : Conditions of users

The user must be met all the conditions of the following.

  • Those legally staying in Japan.
  • Person who owns credit card in person's name.

Article3 : With regard to baggage

Packages that NLSC can deliver must satisfy the following conditions 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3.

  • 3-1: Total of three sides of baggage (height, width, width) shall not exceed 240 cm.
  • 3-2: Packages shall not exceed 40 kg.
  • 3-3: The following items are not included in the package.
    • Cash · credit card
    • passport
    • A high-priced item of 100,000 yen or more for one package
    • Fragile item
    • Items not allowed to be held under Japanese law
    • Animals, insects
    • Frozen / refrigerated goods
    • precision equipment
    • Other items that are not suitable for shipping on ordinary temperature trucks

Article4 : On compensation

  • 4-1: NLSC shall not be liable for indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages, lost profits, and derivative damages that may arise in connection with the Service and for these claims from third parties to the Company or its users , except in the case based on the Company of intent or gross negligence, negative any responsibility
  • 4-2: If any damage to the luggage has occurred, NLSC in some cases to compensate for damages of 100,000 yen or less for one luggage at the maximum. In order to compensate , it is necessary to satisfy all the following conditions
    • That the user to reveal the amount of damage and the extent of the luggage of damage, there is the claim
    • It is clear that using other insurance not covering damage
  • 4-3: Even if any damage has occurred to the package, if applicable to the following shall be excluded from compensation
    • Scratches such as suitcases and bags in regular delivery of luggage
    • Damage due to aged deterioration, such as handling parts of luggage and tires
    • 3-3 goods damage that should not be put in a luggage defined in
    • Internal malfunction of precision machines (PC, camera, smartphone, WIFI equipment, etc.)
    • Breakage of confectionery etc.
    • The along with the delay in the luggage of delivery, and related to other damages (such as the change of the damage and the itinerary of the business)
    • Claim which has passed 7 days from the delivery date

Article5 : Regarding fee

Regarding the charge provided by NLSC as stipulated below.

  • 5-1: The latest fee is stated on the website.
  • 5-2: Storage fee may be revised without prior notice, but price change after contract establishment is not done.

Article6 : Handling of personal information

NLSC will acquire the minimum amount of personal information for the service, but set for the operation below.

  • 6-1: Personal information to be acquired
    The personal information acquired by NLSC is only the name and e-mail address, and other information is not acquired in principle.
  • 6-2: How to use personal information
    NLSC will use personal information that he knew as limited to the extent necessary for achieving the following objectives.
    • Request information exchange according to request of materials etc.
    • Important information related to changes in various service contents.
    • Information on various services and campaigns.
    • Information on questionnaire etc.