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What kind of service does GIGA RABBIT offer?

GIGA RABBIT provides services to deliver traveler's luggage from hotel / airport / station to hotel / airport / station on the same day

Why should I use GIGA RABBIT?

Big luggage for travelers is an obstacle at the time of sightseeing, but it is indispensable when staying at the hotel.Unlike many delivery services, GIGA RABBIT delivers travelers' luggage to hotels, airports, train stations, etc. during the day. In addition, GIGA RABBIT offers services at a price of 1,500 to 2,000 yen, one less expensive than other delivery service providers, regardless of delivery during the day

Where is the service area that GIGA RABBIT offers?

As of January 2019 we are delivering between hotels in Osaka and Kyoto and between Kansai International Airport and hotels in Osaka and Kyoto
If there is no hotel name in the list, please contact us from the contact page.

Where is the hotel that can ship packages?

Currently, it is possible to accept at about 450 hotels in Osaka, about 300 hotels in Kyoto. The hotel can be selected from the reservation screen.

Where is the hotel that can accept baggage?

Currently, it is possible to receive about 450 bags in Osaka and about 300 in Kyoto. The hotel can be selected from the reservation screen.

How to tell which hotel is offering service at which hotel

When If you search the hotel name on the reservation screen and if does not come out you can not order. The hotel is gradually expanding.

Can I ship to hotels other than Kyoto and Osaka?

Delivery to hotels other than Osaka / Kyoto is not possible for the time being

How can I pick up my luggage at Kansai International Airport (KIX)?

Please confirm here about the delivery method of luggage at Kansai International Airport.

Can I ship to Osaka Airport or Kobe Airport?

we can not do it at this moment

Can I deliver to Vacation Rental/ my home / office?

Please contact us from the contact page to make adjustments.

Please tell me the application procedure

Application is extremely easy.
1. enter your luggage informaton from this website
2. Describe necessary information (hotel name, name, email address, etc.)
3. Payment / reservation complete
4. Mail containing ID etc will be sent
5. Leave your luggage at the hotel reception.
please check here.

How many days in advance do I need a reservation?

Please order by 11:59 pm the day before the luggage delivery date.

How many days before can we make a reservation?

We accept reservations from 2 months before delivery date.

Is it possible to cancel after payment?

Cancellation up to 11:00 am is possible, but after that it will cost 100% of cancellation fee. Please fill out the cancellation form and send it from the homepage.

Is it possible to cancel the package after shipping?

We do not accept cancellation after collection of baggage.

What time will my luggage arrive at the hotel?

We will deliver the luggage to the hotel by 8 o'clock on the day.

Can you grasp the delivery status of baggage?

Please see the GPS in this homepage. When you enter your 9-digit ID issued upon receipt of your package, we will show the location of real-time baggage on the map. Also, when GIGA RABBIT collects the package, we announce you by e-mail when the package arrives at the addressee.

Can I send lots of baggage?

Although you can send any number of items, we would be pleased if you would like to contact us in advance by inquiry form in case of sending more than 20 items.

How to pick up?

When receiving at the hotel, please present the 9-digit ID issued at the time of application or the 9-digit number stated in the e-mail to the hotel front desk.

Can I specify delivery arrival day such as the next day?

Luggage will be delivered on the day, you can not specify the date and time of the delivery date, such as the next day.

is it have a luggage that can not be sent?

Valuables such as cash, credit cards and passports. Items that are fragile, illegal goods, animals, items with a total of more than 100,000 yen will be excluded from compensation. Also, because it will be delivered at room temperature tracks, frozen and refrigerated items can not be sent. For details, please check here.

How many kilograms of baggage can you send?

You can send baggage within 30 kg each.

What kind of baggage can you send?

It is packed tightly such as suitcase, bag, paper bag, cardboard box, etc. If the total of the three sides (length, width, height) is within 160 cm, you can send it.

Can I send big baggage such as golf bags?

Golf bags, ski / snowboard plates etc. can be sent if they are packed in bags etc. For other large baggage please consult with inquiry form.

Please tell me the shipping fee

It is a simple price setting. The 1st piece of baggage is 2000 yen, the 2nd to 4th piece is 1700 yen each, the 5th piece and thereafter are 1500 yen each. For details, please check here.

Can I send baggage of 100 cm or less alone?

Small luggage of 100 cm or less is supplementary service price when sending big baggage.The price for sending a small baggage by itself is 2000 yen for the first item. It will be 500 yen from the second one.

Please tell me about payment method

The settlement method is only credit card.

Please tell me the correspondence type of credit card

It corresponds to VISA / Master Card / JCB / AMEX / Diners / Mingling / Alipay

Is credit card information stored?

Credit card information is not handled by GIGA RABBIT, and a credit card company is taking over.

How is compensation such as breakage of baggage?

We prepare for insurance in case of emergency. We will compensate up to 100,000 yen for one package. For details, please check here.

What happens if a massive earthquake such as an earthquake / typhoon happens?

In the event of a large-scale earthquake within the service area, compensation may not be covered. For details, please check here.

What happens if my package did not arrive by 8 PM?

If there is no mistake in the name of the hotel such as a mistake in the name of the hotel, and the package has not arrived by 8:00 pm, we will refund the full amount. I will refund to credit card at a later date.

What happens if the package does not arrive during the day (24 o'clock)?

If there is no negligence of your name such as a mistake in the name of the hotel, and the package has not arrived during the day, we will pay 10,000 yen for 1 booking as purchase fee for handed items.

Luggage does not reach · Packages are damaged · Wrong baggage arrived etc. What if a problem with baggage arises?

Please describe necessary matters to this claim form and send. We will respond promptly.