GO-YEN / 인연 / 缘分

ご縁 / Five Yen / Good relationship
five yen

From long ago, playing on words is rooted in life in Japan.
For wishing good luck, homophone can be used in kanji and numbers.

5 yen coin is pronounced "go-yen" in Japanese. Another meaning of go-yen are "fate", "destiny", "chance" and "relationship".
Therefore 5 yen coins are commonly used to throw into a offertory box at shrines to pray for good fate or good relationship.

  • 5 yen (1 coin): good luck
  • 10 yen (2 coins): good luck comes again and again
  • 15 yen (3): enough good luck
  • 20 yen (4): good relationship
  • 25 yen (5): doubling good luck
  • 30 yen (6): harmonized relationship, Six = "hexagon" means harmonized and stable
  • 35 yen (7): good luck comes repeatedly
  • 40 yen (8): widening good luck and happiness, Eight is a lucky number in Japan.
  • 45 yen (9): happiness all the time
  • 50 yen (10): lots of luck
  • 55 yen (11): throw 55 yen in the afternoon for good luck.
  • 55 can be pronounced "go go" that means "afternoon".
  • 105 yen: plenty of good luck
  • 115 yen: great relationship
  • 125 yen: best of luck
  • 485 yen: good luck from every direction

Some homophone numbers are considered to be bad luck. Might be better to avoid if it bothers you.

  • 10 yen coin: good luck goes away from you
  • 65 yen: no decent relationship comes to you
  • 75 yen: relationship may make you cry
  • 85 yen: relationship comes and goes
  • 95 yen: may bring bad relationship

It is said that by offering the money, you are showing your gratitude to the local god.
Your offering should come from your heart so rather than the amount you offer, please try to be polite and have good manners.